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Our story

Meet the founders:

Paul, has a long pedigree in the shoe business, starting back in the 1970’s with a scholarship at the Bata shoe company. He has since spent several decades importing shoes from all over the world and in particular Europe. Paul has worked with some of finest shoemakers in Europe and some of the best independent shoe stores in the world. There aren’t many that know more about shoes than Paul.

Mark, has spent over 15 years working in e-commerce for some of the world’s biggest and most successful retail businesses. His experience and knowledge of e-commerce and supply chain sourcing has given the company an edge in bringing the cost of the shoes to the lowest possible levels. 


The company

Since the beginning the idea behind the company was to capitalise on Paul's immense knowledge of shoe business and Mark's expertise in online retailing. When these two skills came together a company that can recognise and source for the best quality of handmade men's shoes and deliver them to your doorstep at the lowest price possible was born. The company was built on three key principles:


All the shoes in our collection are cherry picked by Paul, whose experienced eye pays attention to the uttermost details only the most enlightened shoemakers and merchants are familiar with. The strict selection criteria is also the reason behind the narrow selection with only a handful of shoes. Only that way we can guarantee the highest quality men's shoes that our customers know us for.


The effectiveness of our supply chain and online structure of the business provide us with opportunities of lowering costs of business running. This cost structure is later translated into the final cost of men's shoes. We are confident that you will be wasting your time looking for men’s shoes of this quality at this price range anywhere else.

Business ethics:

We pride ourselves to be an ethical company and this aspect of the business is very important to us. Therefore, we have a full refund return policy and diligent customer service in place. After all a satisfied customer is the best advertiser.  

Since the beginning the company has seen a swift growth and is now bringing the finest men’s shoes not only to European customers but globally. We are also on the verge of bringing new product types as well as new men's shoe collections.

Registered company: 2488798

Paul Dugdale Shoes Agencies Limited